Hand and feet castings or imprints can be taken from anybody. This presents the perfect opportunity to create your own personalised design. The mould for each casting can only be used once, thereby creating the uniqueness of each product.

Each cast, once moulded and dried, is hand tooled to remove any imperfections and to illustrate the detail of the hands and feet. This care and attention defines the beauty and speciality of a Tiny Treasures Casting. As examples: jewellery, finger nails, joints and palm lines are all clearly visble in each finished product.

At this stage the mould is ready to be hand painted. Once again the colours are your choice – currently pearl white and silver are the most popular. Depending on your product choice the cast is now ready for layout, mounting and framing into the style that you prefer.

Frames and Plinths can also be personalised with a plaque. These can be engraved with names, dates, quotations and messages as you require.

Some of our most popular products can be found below.