Fingerprint Charms



Our Process

Creating Your Fingerprint Mould

If you are local to the Tiny Treasures’ Studio, we will contact you once your order is placed and book you a convenient appointment.

If you are not local, you can purchase the Home Fingerprint Kit along with your chosen Jewellery Piece.

Creating Your Bespoke Jewellery

Please note if you want to add a chain or bracelet to complement your Bespoke Jewellery piece add these to your basket when ordering.
Once we have your Fingerprint Mould we will begin to create your Bespoke Jewellery by sizing and transferring your Fingerprint onto the Sterling Silver.

Receiving Your Completed Jewellery

Once completed your Bespoke Jewellery will be mailed by special delivery postage purchased with the Home Fingerprint Kit or we will contact you to arrange a convenient time for personal collection.

Fingerprint Charms

Fingerprints are unique across the Globe capture that exclusivity in an item of Sterling Silver Jewellery. Whether it is your own fingerprint or that of a loved one; it will be inimitable and completely personal to you.

Your exclusive imprint can be formed in your choice from six different shapes – Circle, Square, Rectangle, Teardrop, Heart or Oval and; better still, five different sizes to suit the type of jewellery you would like created.

XS – Ideal for a Charm bracelet.

S – Ideal for a Necklace or Cufflinks.

M – Ideal for a Necklace, Cufflinks or a Keyring.

L – Ideal for a Necklace or Keyring.

XL – Ideal for Keyrings with multiple prints.

Unique Jewellery that you design to suit your Unique Needs

Medium and Large Charm



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