Nicki Welham

Thank you so much for the fantastic casts of Ella’s hand and foot. We will be back soon for more casts including mummy & daddy. Can not recommend Tiny Treasures enough.

Erika Horscroft

Jacob loves his casting as much as we do! Thank you so much for being patient with Jacob and doing his hand so many times to get it right xx

Justine & Alfie

Hi all I would just like to say how amazing this lady is my son is a very poorly little boy and to top it of he has autism he’s not very good with sensory processing some days are better than others Gemma was very patient with him and I was very impressed she also signed to him which made him relax even more thank you so much you are truly an amazing person and I would recommend everyone I know to have there castings done by you, our casting is so precious to us for many reasons thank you so so much xxx

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